Banners getting better

After talking with some people I found that the banner-agencies actually understand the problem. They actually also have ‘a solution’. The solution is not perfect as some of the functionalities you get when implementing a banner are lost, but at least it does not block your site.

So you are pretty anxious to get the recipe right?

Well, you basically need the following:

  1. empty iframe
  2. a file which holds the banner javascript
  3. some javascript

Ok, first the empty iframe, that is something that looks like:

<iframe id="rectangle" width="300" height="250" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" />

The second thing you need is a file which holds the banner tag, let’s call it rectangle.html

Add the banner tag in this html

Well, now the mixing starts.
I use jQuery most of the time, so the solution I present is a solution using jQuery. Basically you have to set a src on the iframe when the site is loaded. You can use onload, but I prefer onDocumentReady. The code looks like this:

$(function() {

very simple huh? (see an example)Well there are some downsides.

  1. Layers and expandables are not possible, they stick in the iframe.
  2. The tags won’t communicate with each other.
    1. banners can’t be served in an order.
    2. They can’t control if competing banners are on the same page or not.
    3. They can’t add ‘roadblocks’, which are banners of 1 brand on the entire page.

Well, this is quite sad, as point 1 means that your banner-portfolio drops, as does the money with it. And point 2 also has the same effect.

Well, it is great if you don’t care about these issues, but some people do, especially business. But for point1 there is a solution.

If the banner agency uses DART, you can add the file: DartIframe.html in your web-root. This makes sure they can access the parent of the iframe, which enables them to serve expandables and layers.

I still have some questions which are unanswered, when I hear about that, I’ll update again.

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