A small horizontal gallery, xfinxgallery

Recently I created a small gallery which enables you to add images, text or whatever and put it in a small (automated) scroller. It is quite easy to use (see below). If you have any feature requests? please let me know :-)

Requirements: jQuery 1.4.4

Version 0.6.1

  • Removed dependency on certain classname (xg-list)

xfinxgallery 0.6.1: JS | CSS

Version 0.6

  • Added automated animation

xfinxgallery 0.6: JS | CSS

Version 0.5

  • Removed empty space at end of list.
  • Added classname support
  • Added animationType
  • Added animationSpeed
  • Added active/inactive controls

xfinxgallery 0.5: JS | CSS


$(function() {


  • Recalculate (integer default:false)
    By default no recalculate is done. Does a simple setTimeout to recalculate the width of the inner element
  • activeControls (boolean default:false)
    Default controls are hidden, except when the width of the inner element exceeds the width of the outer element.
  • innerBox (string (classname) default:xg-inner)
    By default the classname expected is “xg-inner”
  • innerElement (string (classname) default:xg-inner-element)
    By default the classname expected is “xg-inner-element”
  • animationSpeed (integer default: 500)
    The moving speed of the elements within the gallery
  • animationType (jQuery’s animation type default: swing)
  • autoAnimation (boolean default: false)
    auto animates step by step. After using a control, the animation is stopped (see autoAnimateRestartTime)
  • autoAnimateRestartTime (integer default: 10000)
    setting the value to -1 will disable the restart of auto-animation.
  • autoAnimationInterval (integer default: 1000)
    moving speed of the element.


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