Leadingcourses widget

For Leadingcourses.com I’ve created a widget.

A small piece of code which enables a non-technical person to add a piece of functionality hosted on another site to your own site.

The base code consists of a link pointing to a specific location and a small piece of javascript which controls other pieces of code. Quite easy actually.


Europa op Leadingcourses.com


<a data-origin="visitor-1"  href="https://en.leadingcourses.com">Leadingcourses.com</a>
<script>(function(a,b){if(typeof a.lcWidget==="undefined"){setTimeout(function(){var a=b.createElement("script");a.src="https://www.leadingcourses.com/widget/search-controller.js";a.async=true;b.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)},5)}})(window,document)</script>

Europa op Leadingcourses.com

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