Installing flash?

To be honest, I have no real problem with advertisements on a website. I do have a problem with the crazy people coming up with banners which will almost cause my PC to kill itself.

Recently I did a fresh install of Windows. (I refuse to buy a macbook (And I’m quite happy with Windows actually)).

Should I install or not?

During the installation of Mozilla Firefox  (An excellent browser!) I was wondering if I should install Adobe Flash or not.

Sometimes it comes in handy, but most of the times I just don’t want to have it due to enormous advertisments on sites like which causes my PC to hate itself.

Descision made

I decided to install Flash and see if I could restrict the use of it. It was an easy find and I am very happy with my choice.

Just click the firefox menu (top left) and (add ons).

Now you’ll get a screen like this:


On the right, check this setting:


That’s it!

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