Recently I’ve been to a trip to Copenhagen. A very nice city, though a bit cold.Of course I’ve taken some pictures to give an small impression of the city.


Recently I went to rome. Really a place which you should visit at least once. Here are some of my best photo’s [Read more…]

Pictures of Albania

It has been quiet for a while in this blog. With a reason. At first our lovely baby girl was born. And second I was very busy with the new version of

In April I went to visit Albania and took some nice pictures. Currently I use my 50mm as a default, with which very nice effects, even for nature can be made.
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A new lens, 50mm f/1.8

Finally, I bought it. After borrowing this lens from a colleague I was finally brave enough to buy my first additional lens.

A while ago I had a course given by Mike Flam, a professional photographer. One of the most important things he taught me is: “A photograph can always be better” and “First learn what you like to photograph, then buy an additional lens”

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HDR High-Dynamic-Range Photos

Recently I started to experiment with HDR. HDR is a really nice technique which enables you to make stunning pictures which are not possible with a single shot.  This image is taken near Apeldoorn at the east of Holland.
One thing is for sure, I will take more photos like this for sure!

Openluchtmuseum Arnhem

Today I visited the openluchtmuseum in Arnhem. The weather was very nice! Of course I took some pictures. The ones I like most can be found below

Giro d’Italia in De Meern (Utrecht)

Today the Giro d’Italia passed our neighborhood. Some photo’s where taken of course. Waiting took more than 1 hour, the bikers, they passed us within seconds… Results? See below!

Brugge België (Bruges Belgium)

Last week I went to Bruges, which is a very nice city! Very beautiful and a lot of friendly people!
Below some photo’s…

Wederom winterweer

Afgelopen weekend viel er weer een beetje sneeuw uit de lucht, voor velen begint dit te vervelen, voor mij niet… Ik vind het heerlijk een mooi vers wit dekentje over de wereld:-)

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Als je vriendin mooie lelies koopt dan…