Een alternatief form-element: select

Eerder schreef ik al over hoe een checkbox op een andere manier kan worden vormgegeven in je browser.
Nu wil ik het hebben over de selectbox, de draak van de formulieren.

De native selecbox is erg nuttig. Mobiele browsers geven een fijn alternatief voor het dropdownlijstje, dus het is ook nog eens erg handig in gebruik.
De layoutaanpassing die ik gebruik heeft geen implicaties op deze standaard functionaliteit. Oh en er komt ook nog eens geen javascript aan te pas. Een CSS-only selectbox-aanpassing dus.
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Een alternatief form-element: checkbox

Een checkbox, leuk ding, handig vooral, maar qua layout niet echt een prachtexemplaar.

Er bestaan veel javascripts die een checkbox omvormen tot iets toonbaars. Mijn oplossing heeft geen javascript nodig, alleen css. Dus ook het checken en unchecken van de checkbox werkt helemaal op de ‘natuurlijke’ manier.

In deze post ga ik dus dieper in op de mogelijkheid om een mooiere checkbox te maken die past bij jouw website.
Qua code kost het iets meer dan het plaatsen van een normale checkbox, maar het eindresultaat is wat mij betreft belangrijker.
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Leadingcourses widget

For I’ve created a widget.

A small piece of code which enables a non-technical person to add a piece of functionality hosted on another site to your own site.

The base code consists of a link pointing to a specific location and a small piece of javascript which controls other pieces of code. Quite easy actually.

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Full control styling a button

Styling buttons can really be a pain. There is just no way to make sure a button is styled exactly the way you want cross browser.

Recently I was tired with on of my ‘submit’ buttons which was looking just a little bit different in IE7 and IE8. In most cases I am styling an <a>-tag. Those are very easy to manage, but when submitting a form I don’t want to rely on javascript. And I want the [ENTER]-key to work like normal.

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Removing the stubborn compatibility view icon

Yesterday someone I know complained that the layout of our site ( was broken in Internet Explorer 9.

Of course my own IE was showing no problems until I was playing with the compatibility view.


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As of today everybody offer their visitors a quick way to search through more than 7,000 golf courses in europe which are listed on

More info can be found on:





jQuery datepicker, how to disable one day?

Today I needed to disable one day in the jQuery ui datepicker. I did some research, and I found out, it is actually much simpler than I thought. There is something available in the plugin itself ($.datepicker.noWeekends).

The actual code I needed is like this:

        beforeShowDay: function( date ) {
 var ignoreDay = 0; // sunday === 0, monday === 1, etc
return [(date.getDay() != ignoreDay), ''];  }  });

Enjoy! (I do at least ;-))

Preloading an image or sprite and make it load fast

Recently we did a new re-design for One of the goals was to make the site fast. As I am a (freelance, yes, I can be hired 😉 ) front-end developer, I wanted the front-end to be as fast as possible with as little effort as possible.

I already read a lot of articles written by Steve Souders and Stoyan Stefanov about site speed. A lot of stuff went in my head for that, and now I will just type it out so it is written down.

In this post the steps I took to make our sprite load faster.

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A small horizontal gallery, xfinxgallery

Recently I created a small gallery which enables you to add images, text or whatever and put it in a small (automated) scroller. It is quite easy to use (see below). If you have any feature requests? please let me know :-)

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Banners getting better

After talking with some people I found that the banner-agencies actually understand the problem. They actually also have ‘a solution’. The solution is not perfect as some of the functionalities you get when implementing a banner are lost, but at least it does not block your site.

So you are pretty anxious to get the recipe right?

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